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Client Testimonials
Property Management

Immediate response, professional care, & pleased tenants.

Aegis Property Management has managed all of my properties for close to a decade now. Overall 8+ years, they have operated and maintained my real estate portfolio of 50+ units to the highest standard. As an owner, having great property management is key to running our business successfully. With Aegis Property Management, I never have to worry about any issues with leasing, maintenance, and accounting. Aegis Property Management puts my mind at ease knowing that my properties are in good hands. From immediate responses to taking great care of our tenants, it is always done effectively and with great professional care. I highly recommend Aegis Property Management to Pittsburgh property owners.

Steve Kontos

Real Estate Investor

“Now that I have Aegis managing my properties, I have time to spend growing my business…”

Graves Investment Properties swears by Aegis Property Management. It was very difficult for me to hand over a portion of my business to another company because I spent years building my business with specific practices in mind. It was extremely important to choose a company that will adhere to my specific philosophy. Aegis and I had several planning meetings where I expressed specifically how I want my tenants to be treated and my expectations. I found it refreshing and reassuring in our initial meetings that Aegis was willing and able to meet all of my expectations. They have NOT disappointed me. I made the right choice by choosing Aegis. 

Now that I have Aegis managing my properties, I have time to spend growing my business in Western Pennsylvania. I always have prompt responses and solutions to every problem I encounter from Aegis. I am a very hands-on property owner and Aegis has worked very closely with me to help me build my business. I never recommend services that I would not use myself, so I am pleased to recommend Aegis to other investors. Aegis assists in my real estate success and for that, I am excited to grow my investment properties business.

David Graves

Graves Investment Properties

“Aegis pulled us out of a financial disaster…”

Working with Aegis Property Management has been a great experience. Back when we first brought Aegis on board, we were trying to navigate a financial mess the developer and the initial management company had left us with. Rick and Chris were patient with us. Aegis proactively created and executed multiple recovery plans, which solved our buildings’ dire needs. While implementing the plans, Aegis maintained full transparency and organized our business back to speed. Today, our building is on firm footing, and our tenants' needs are handled quickly and professionally. 


Aaron Clark

Board Member

No more tenant issues, no more vacancies.

After I switched to Aegis Property Management, it took me only minutes to notice that Aegis is a million times better than my last management company. Aegis and my previous management company cannot even compare. With Aegis, my tenant issues are always solved. I never have to worry about vacancies either. Issues with the city also stopped immediately after switching to Aegis. All of my previous issues have been solved by Aegis Property Management. 


Rob Beck

Private Real Estate Investor

Filled vacancies, no evictions, and prompt communication.

Aegis Property Management has proven itself for over 5 years that it can successfully manage all of my 50 units including multi-units, apartments, and single-family homes. I never have to worry about my vacancies being filled, because Aegis normally has a renter placed within the following month. I trust Aegis’s tenant screening process because I have not had an eviction for over 3 years, even during covid-19! The tenants' problems are always fixed and taken care of the 1st time, thanks to Aegis. Communication with Aegis is always prompt and simple to get in contact with an employee. 


Joe Kmonk

Real Estate Investor

“Before Aegis, we didn’t even have financial records…”

Aegis Property Management has been actively managing The Glass Lofts for over 7 years. When Aegis first began providing services to our 24 units, The Glass Lofts did not have any financial records, and the building was not properly maintained. In short order, Rick and Chris conducted a thorough building analysis and provided our board with a realistic action plan. Aegis presented the plan to the owners, and now The Glass Lofts have a proper receive and maintenance program. For us, the ease of paying monthly HOA fees and submitting requests cannot be understated. We are impressed with Aegis’s response time and efficient handling of all building issues. Aegis has been a great partner from day one, and I feel confident recommending Aegis to any building owner.


Jim Blue 

Board Member

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