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Property Management


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About Us...

Aegis Realty Partners, Inc. is a full-service property management company specializing in residential and commercial property management in Western Pennsylvania.  Currently our firm manages 400 residential units, office, retail and warehouse properties, and residential and commercial condominium associations. We have been managing properties on behalf of investors and third parties for over 10 years.  We are a member of the National Association of Property Managers and the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Marketing and Leasing

  • Professional marketing of your property to over 50 real estate websites to give your property maximum exposure to the rental marketplace.

  • Cutting edge technology to streamline the leasing process and find the best quality tenant.

Tenant Retention and Rental Escalation

  • Diligent review and communication with good quality tenants to secure longer lease terms and renewal options, with increased renewal amounts.

  • Constant Review of tenant notes, mid lease inspections, payment history, and compliance review to ensure that good tenants are encouraged to renew.

Compliance and Inspection

  • Dedicated compliance officers whose responsibilities are for assuring that tenants are in compliance with the responsibilities detailed in the lease agreement and enforcement provisions are enacted when violations are found.

  • Comprehensive inspection services conducted annually to ensure your property is being well maintained by tenants and that any issues can be addressed, and major repairs and expenses can be mitigated.

Rent Collection and Enforcement

  • Rigid, time tested and performance driven procedures for maximizing rent collection.

  • Consistent and diligent communication with tenants to build rapport and impress the importance of timing rent payment.

Maintenance and Contracting

  • Maintenance and Field professionals with experience in all facets of repair and renovations to simplify, streamline and help keep costs in line for maintenance and renovation work.

  • Maintenance services with reliable, reputable, licensed contractors and vendors who provide quality services and competitive volume pricing packages to our clients.

Financial Reporting and Owner Transparency

  • Detailed accounting of all income and expenses, work orders, and all governmental compliance documentation.

  • Client accessibility to all property reporting data, 24/7/365 via online cloud-based client portal access.


"Immediate response, professional care, & pleased tenants..."


“Now that I have Aegis managing my properties, I have time to spend growing my business...”

“Aegis pulled us out of a financial disaster…”

"No more tenant issues, no more vacancies​..."


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